Update the Owner and Status Manager in Project Server 2010

In order to change the Owner of an enterprise project, a Project Administrator must log into Project Web Access (PWA) and update the owner in the Project Information.  Steps to complete:

  • In PWA, navigate to the Project Center page
  • Click on the link to the enterprise project that you need to update
  • In the Quick Launch menu, click on Project Information
  • On the Ribbon, click on Edit
  • In the owner field, click on Browse, select a new owner and click the OK button
  • Click the SAVE button, then click CLOSE, then click YES to check in the project

To change the Status Manager of the project, you must have the new project manager complete the following steps:

  • Open the enterprise project in question in Project Professional 2010
  • Right-click on the column header to the right of the Task Name column and select Insert Column from the drop down menu
  • Select the Status manager field from the list
  • From the new Status Manager field, click the Status manager pick list and select your name from the list for every regular task that you must manage (Status Manager does not need to be change for summary tasks)
  • Save the changes to the enterprise project
  • Publish the project
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3 Responses to Update the Owner and Status Manager in Project Server 2010

  1. Dennis Kattengell says:

    We are using Project Server 2010 and PWA. Some Project Managers do not have MS Project on their computers, they have to make any project schedule change within PWA. It looks like Status Manager is not a column that can be updated in PWA. Any suggestions on how these Project Managers can make themselves the Status Managers, or how someone else can do it on their behalf?

  2. Abhishek Kumar says:

    I can not see multiple names in the drop down of status manger field. The only name which is visible is of the logged in user.
    How can i add multiple option to be chosen as status manager?

  3. Ron Pruitt says:

    They will need to have MS Project Pro 2010 on their machines go getting around it, even if you change the project owner on the details page that will not automatically make the owner the status manager.

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