SharePoint 2010 ULS Logs Empty – 0 KB

Recently I built a test environment and was in need to investigate a few issues in the ULS Logs.  However, to my dismay, I found that there was no information in them.  They were being created, but all had a 0 KB size.  As one would first attempt, I restarted the SharePoint 2010 Tracing service, and found no resolve.

As I looked at the service in compared to another working SharePoint 2010 farm, I found the service was running as ‘Local System’ on the working farm, and in my test environment it was running as one of the SharePoint service accounts.

I changed the ‘Log on as’ to ‘Local System’ for the SharePoint 2010 Tracing service, then restarted the service, and all was back in order and ULS logs were capturing data.

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2 Responses to SharePoint 2010 ULS Logs Empty – 0 KB

  1. Aleksandr says:

    Thank you, It’s working!

  2. Art says:

    This one i get, because the sp service account did not have local admin permissions, it could not write to the logs, at least this is why I think this solved the problem.

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