Project Server 2010 Active Directory Synchronization Error – Event ID 7734

I recently ran into an issue where the Active Directory Enterprise Resource Pool Synchronization was failing on my Project Server 2010 farm.  On the Active Directory Enterprise Resource Pool Synchronization page it was showing the Synchronization Status as:

Some user data was not updated because synchronization of the Enterprise Resource Pool partially failed on <date> at <time>. To identify where the errors occurred, see the Windows event log on the server.

In looking at the server event logs the following event error was tied to the issue:

Log Name:      Application
 Source:        Microsoft-SharePoint Products-Project Server
Date:          12/3/2012 7:55:57 AM
Event ID:      7734
Task Category: Active Directory Synchronization
Level:         Error
User:          [DOMAIN]\svc_prd_service
Computer:      [Project Server Name]
Standard Information:PSI Entry Point:
Project User: [DOMAIN\projectuser]
 Correlation Id: 9fb04751-aa7d-423c-bfa2-c10f7a8adfc4
PWA Site URL: [http://pwa]
SSP Name: PROJECT Project Web App
 PSError: NoError (0)
 A resource could not be updated during Project Server Active Directory Synchronization because a duplicate windows account name conflict occurred that could not be resolved. Resource GUID: 769f555e-7785-4e9c-9ac4-21093cba6f92. Resource Name [FirstName LastName] ([DOMAIN\FirstName.LastName). Windows Account:
 Event Xml:
<Provider Name=”Microsoft-SharePoint Products-Project Server” Guid=”{B2178104-1B5B-4C20-8C8F-960678CED9E5}” />
 <TimeCreated SystemTime=”2012-12-03T12:55:57.569933800Z” />
<Correlation ActivityID=”{9FB04751-AA7D-423C-BFA2-C10F7A8ADFC4}” />
<Execution ProcessID=”5760″ ThreadID=”7768″ />
<Computer>[Project Server Name]</Computer>
<Security UserID=”S-1-5-21-1409082233-507921405-839522115-31078″ />
<Data Name=”string0″>PSI Entry Point:
Project User: [DOMAIN\projectuser]
 Correlation Id: 9fb04751-aa7d-423c-bfa2-c10f7a8adfc4
PWA Site URL: [http://pwa]
SSP Name: PROJECT Project Web App
 PSError: NoError (0)
<Data Name=”string1″>769f555e-7785-4e9c-9ac4-21093cba6f92</Data>
 FirstName LastName ([DOMAIN\FirstName.LastName])
<Data Name=”string3″>

From this error I identified the ‘Resource Name’ person.  To resolve, you will need to delete this enterprise resource, and then run the synchronization process to bring the user back in to the resource pool.

  1. First, you should capture the current RBS information for the user so you can enter that back in after you complete all the steps below.
    1. From Project Web app, go to Server Settings > Manage Users and then locate the affected user.  Make note of the RBS settings for this user
  2. Next, you can now delete the user from the Enterprise Objects
    1. Go to Server Settings > Database Administration > Delete Enterprise Objects
    2. Under ‘What do you want to delete from Project Server?’ select ‘Resources and Users’
    3. Scroll through the list of users until you find the user matching the ‘Resource Name’ in the error
    4. Put a check in the box next to the name, and then click on the ‘Delete‘ button at the top or bottom of the page.
  3. Next step is to run the synchronization process
    1. On the Server Settings page go to Operational Policies > Active Directory Resource Pool Synchronization and then click on ‘Save and Synchronize Now’ button.
  4. After the synchronization job runs, the Synchronization Status should report:
    The Enterprise Resource Pool was successfully synchronized on [date] at [time].
  5. Complete steps by verifying that the user has been imported back in by going back to Server Settings > Manage Users.  Open the user and reenter the RBS information that was collected at the beginning of the steps.

Update the Owner and Status Manager in Project Server 2010

In order to change the Owner of an enterprise project, a Project Administrator must log into Project Web Access (PWA) and update the owner in the Project Information.  Steps to complete:

  • In PWA, navigate to the Project Center page
  • Click on the link to the enterprise project that you need to update
  • In the Quick Launch menu, click on Project Information
  • On the Ribbon, click on Edit
  • In the owner field, click on Browse, select a new owner and click the OK button
  • Click the SAVE button, then click CLOSE, then click YES to check in the project

To change the Status Manager of the project, you must have the new project manager complete the following steps:

  • Open the enterprise project in question in Project Professional 2010
  • Right-click on the column header to the right of the Task Name column and select Insert Column from the drop down menu
  • Select the Status manager field from the list
  • From the new Status Manager field, click the Status manager pick list and select your name from the list for every regular task that you must manage (Status Manager does not need to be change for summary tasks)
  • Save the changes to the enterprise project
  • Publish the project

Project Server 2010 – Timesheet Submission produces “An error occurred while communicating with the server.”

When using Project Server 2010, you may run into the issue where a user submits a timesheet for approval and produces the following error:

“An error occurred while communicating with the server. Check connectivity with your administrator to determine whether further action is necessary.”

In the case I ran across, it was related to the user booking time against a task that was past the finish/end date listed in the Project Schedule. To resolve the user needs to submit their time on a valid task that is still within the current reporting timeframe, or have the Project Manager update the task in questions so that the finish/end dates are at or beyond the submission period and then republish the project. After that, the user should be able to go in and submit their timesheet with success.